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Clean, safe and healthy home water for you and those you care about.


At PureChoice, we are a full-service water purification family owned company committed to providing you, your family and your home with cleaner and healthier water. Trust us with all your water purification needs as we bring 20 years of experience for your comfort.

pure water, pure living.


The benefits of home water treatment are endless.​ Whole Home Filtration systems provide pure water for every aspect in your home.

  • Rejuvenated Hair

  • Soft, hydrated skin

  • Healthy and pure drinking water

  • Cleaner dishes and utensils

  • No more hard water spots!

  • Cleaner surfaces in your home

  • Removal of harsh chemicals, impurities and other issues with your water

  • & Many More Benefits!


get started.

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Our Most Popular Services

Fully licensed, bonded & insured

Whole Home Water Filters

Entire home treatment.

Stronger hair, healthier skin, cleaner dishes and pure drinking water.

Water Softening Treatment

Higher quality water in your bathrooms and kitchens.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Enjoy pure and delicious drinking water!

Serving Clients in Northern New Jersey

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